Hyundai’s i20 is a car that has tasted a fair amount of success over the years. The attractive design, huge cabin and proliferation of features has helped Hyundai’s big hatch garner a fair amount of success. Now Hyundai is all set for the global reveal of the all-new car (codename: IB) later this month. We at Autocar India, however, already have ourselves pictures of a pair of totally camouflage-free new i20s being driven in India. Scooped just ahead of the car’s global reveal, the new i20 features clean, crisp lines and very few exaggerated ‘fluidic’ flourishes. The new Fluidic 2 design language is much more restrained, and in fact is very similar to that seen on the Grand i10 and the Xcent.

Hyundai Elite i20 Image

More grown up and better protected from visual fatigue over time as a result, the new i20 has some interesting design flourishes as well. The lowmounted grille forms the focal point of the design – the headlights, bonnet ‘V’ and even the strong shoulder line emanating from there. The upturned headlights have metal inserts that add definition, and the placement of the number plate is also interesting. Hyundai has, yet again, got the basics right too. The new design features near-spoton proportions and this is clearly visible when the car is viewed side on. The shoulder line rises gently as the roof drops towards the rear, and Hyundai hasn’t skimped on the alloy wheels either – they look huge. What also works well are the elongated, wraparound, L-shaped taillights, which make the rear of the car look quite upmarket. The car sold in India is also expected to be quite different from the European version and this is particularly true of the rear. The Indian version has different tail-lights and a less stylised hatch. The wraparound rear windscreen, however, is present on both cars and looks really attractive.

Hyundai Elitei20 Wallpaper

The Indian car will also have a version with a blacked-out A-pillar for that much-sought-after floating roof effect. What’s also clear is that the new i20 will be even more spacious on the inside than the current car (codename: PB), which isn’t cramped by any stretch of imagination. We learnt that the new car could be a bit shorter than the current i20, but that the all-important wheelbase, at 2,570mm, will be longer; it’s currently 2,525mm. This is visible when you look at pictures –you can clearly see that the wheels are pushed out to the extremes and there’s very little overhang over the front wheels, as with the current car.

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