Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. which is commonly known as the Alfa Romeo. The brand Alfa Romeo was founded by Alexandre Darracq Stella and Nicola Romeo. The company din’t tasted the success in its early stage. Sicnce February 2007 this brand is under the Fiat Group. As an part of rebuilding the company has just launched its masterpiece which is known as the Alfa Romeo 4C. The Car at first glance looks just awesome. And the expectation of Alfa Romeo from 4C is also been high.  The Alfa Romeo 4C is also launched in U.S. We have to just wait and see if this masterpiece leaves upto its expectation or not.

The Alfa Romeo logo is undoubtedly one of the most iconic car logos in history. It has undergone several changes throughout the years. The earliest logo of the company appeared in 1910, but not much is known about its exact origins. It is widely considered that the badge represents the coat of arms of the Visconti family (one of the most powerful and esteemed families of Milan) and the Red cross on a white background of Milan.

According to an urban legend, a serpent was seen in the 5th century AD that persistently terrified the people of Milan. It was hunted and killed by an archbishop of Milan named Ottone Visconti. The serpent wearing a crown is said to be a celebration of this brave act. The red cross on a white background, on the other hand, typifies the heroics of Giovanni Da Rio, the first person to mount the walls of Jerusalem and raise a cross there during the first crusade.

Here is the collection of the Alfa Romeo 4C Car.

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